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Assignment, Objectives and Rubric

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Mini-Playwriting Assignment


Task: Write Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet, based on our interpretation of the Prologue to Act 2.

(Note: Students are given a list of characters present in Act 2 and this assignment is done after we have worked through the prologue as a class.)



  1. Students will produce a play that follows the conventions of that genre.
  2. Students will produce a response to literature that demonstrates understanding of a literary work through suggestion of an interpretation.
  3. Students will demonstrate correct usage of conventions of Standard English.
  4. Students will demonstrate originality and creativity.



4Work follows interpretation of Prologue to Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet, follows conventions of playwriting genre, shows originality/creativity, as well as correct usage of punctuation and grammar.
3Work attempts to follow interpretation but is not completely logical, follows the conventions of the playwriting genre, and demonstrates correct use of grammar and punctuation.
2Work demonstrates basic understanding of the prologue, follows the conventions of the playwriting genre and shows some errors in grammar and punctuation.
1Work does not demonstrate understanding of prologue, does not follow the conventions of the playwriting genre and shows many errors in grammar and punctuation.
0No judgment can be made (work was not submitted)




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