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Nancy Brodsky's 9th Grade ELA Wiki


(Thanks to Tim Fredrick for the inspiration.)


You can shoot me your questions/comments at nbrodsk@nycboe.net. Also, feel free to AIM me at bohechick.


RUAL (Ramp-Up to Advanced Literacy)


What we're working on now: Non-Fiction Unit


Introduction to Non-Fiction NF Intro Lesson


Creating Memory Chains Memory Chain lesson


Memoir Assignment Download



E1 (Freshman English 1)


What we're working on now: Personal Essays.


We completed a guided freewrite in preparation for the essay. Guided Freewrite **NEW!


What we're working on now: Edgar Allen Poe


Introduction to Suspense and Scary Stories Elements of Scary Stories Lesson


How do we intepret Shakespeare's use of wordplay? Lesson


How do identify the rhyming pattern of a sonnet? Sonnet Lesson


Demonstrating Understanding of the Prologue to Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet Assignment, Objectives and Rubric


How does Shakespeare use language tricks in Romeo and Juliet? Literary Techniques Lesson

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