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NF Intro Lesson

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Introduction to Non-Fiction


Text: Two or three short current news articles



  • Ordinary household objects (quanity will depend on class size and personal preference)
  • Chart paper/markers


Development of Learning Activity:

  1. Read the newspaper articles, either aloud or silently.
  2. After articles are read, begin a chart titled, "Features of Non-Fiction." Elicit responses from students. (I taught them the word "objective", when one student said that non-fiction articles are written from a 3rd person POV)
  3. After this initial discussion, switch gears to free write. Chart the rules of free writing.
1. Do not worry about spelling, punctuation or grammar.
2. Write on any topic you like. You may switch topics in the middle of writing.
3. If you can't think of anything to write, just write "I can't think of anything to write", over and over again.
    • Students should free write for at least 5 minutes, longer if you feel they can.
    • After the freewrite, set up stations around the room, arranging desks into tables. At each station, place an ordinary household object.
    • Groups should freewrite for three minutes about the object.
    • When the three minutes are up, have each group make a chart titled, "What I Noticed About ________________", using their notes. Add information about color, size and shape if necessary.
    • Wrap up the lesson by having groups brainstorm a list of questions and problems they'd like to find the answers to. Make a big chart with their responses.



  • Students will demonstrate understanding by describing something in objective terms. (Short term)
  • Students will succesfully produce a written report of information. (Long term)



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